Gym + Experience

    • Tutor:

      Monica Grosso

    • Studenti:

      Thomas Devieilletoile
      Gianluca Giordano
      Agathe Honoré
      Suzanne Ponçon
      Federica Zhou

    Progetto Gym+

    Our concept store rely on three problems of classic gym:
    ‐ It’s expensive
    ‐ It’s time consuming
    ‐ It’s never in a good location

    We want to offer to the consumer a new gym experience that could fit the needs of an active clientele, and would solve all these issues.
    Our answer is Gym+ Experience.

    Our store is located in the city center, of Lyon, France, to start. It offers a new, enhanced experience of gym:
    Multitasking: we want our customers to save time in our gym, that’s why we offer the possibility to have access to a laundry, which can run during your gym time. We also made delivery boxes available to get your packages in a convenient place.

    Cafeteria: we want our place to be social. So we built a cafeteria, so people can have a healthy lunch with their friends or colleagues, and collect loyalty advantages by spending money in the club.

    Digital: our experience would not be complete if we had not added a whole digital segment. Our goal is to create an app that will collect data during your exercise, and help you to improve. Moreover, this app will be the center of your life in the club; allowing you to pay, identify, find friends, and get your loyalty rewarded.

    Network: what if your gym experience could extend to your neighbourhood? We want to make this promise a reality with our partners network, that can give you lot’s of advantages nearby the club, and still collect advantages, reductions, and loyalty rewards! We believe our new experience could make a difference for our customers, for us, and for our investors. Join the club!
    The Gym+ Experience Team


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