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    Who has never dreamed of just waking up and having an American breakfast or a German breakfast in his plate? Many of us try to follow their dream, but it is very difficult to find all the products (authentic and fresh) to realize the perfect breakfast. After our market research, a survey of 56 people, we have seen that: - 89% of people have a breakfast in morning - 89% of people cook sometime in the morning - 50% of people would like more choice and more original products for breakfast - All respondents value more the quality and the taste Moreover, our survey confirms the trends we found on Xerfi database. In light of these data, we realized the opportunity we had to create a concept store on international breakfast that responds to the needs and expectations of our future consumers. The concept idea of Mark & Paul, a story of breakfast; was born.

    The Concept

    A group of six friends, who like travelling around the world and above all having a good breakfast, decided to create a new concept and to engage in a new adventure: to make a maximum of people discovering all the different breakfasts around the world. In response to the trends, we choose to develop a store in two parts: a retail part and a restaurant part. In the retail part, our customers can find all the products (authentic & fresh) around the world (English, American, Moroccan, Brazilian, Thai and so on.) to cook it at home. The restaurant part allows the young persons, workers, family; to come in our place and have a wonderful international breakfast, or, if you do not have time, you can take away your breakfast! Moreover, you could also come during the weekend to have a delicious breakfast or all day long for the teatime! Located in Confluence, MARC & PAUL will be opened from Tuesday to Sunday, 8:00 am to 7:00 pm during the week, and 10:00 am until 7:30 pm during the weekend.

    Our Values

    It is important for us to show transparency and to build a trustful relationship with our customers. We are therefore using fair trade & authentic products. Moreover, for the restaurant part, we decided to create a kitchen, where a chief cooks in front of people to share his knowledge and offer a playful moment. We also emphasize on the environmental issues by offering to our customers exclusively 100% recyclable bags and box packaging.

    Our positioning

    is very specialized on international breakfasts. This original concept allows us to differentiate from our competitors, such as Starbuck, Mc Café, Paul and so on. We propose to our customers a cosy store, where they can have a breakfast slowly or quickly (take-away) or just buy authentic products to cook at home. The Confluence’s neighbourhood counts more than 50 restaurants, but few of them are close to our breakfast store concept. Our originality is strength, and will set our notoriety in the customers’ mind. Concerning the teatime during the afternoon, we have some competitors in the Confluence’s mall, but our original concept, with opened kitchen, fun environment and authentic & fair-trade products, give us a unique competitive advantage.


    Our target / segmentation

    We decided to target three types of populations: students, workers and families. First, the students will have the possibility to take their time the afternoon working in our store during the teatime, or to take away a good breakfast in the morning, before class. The workers will have the same behaviour. About the families, we expect that our store will attract them to have a brunch in a convivial atmosphere, especially, during the weekends. Our retail activity allows families or single person to buy all products they need to realize their perfect breakfast!


    Our communication plan

    Communication is a key point for the development of MARC & PAUL. As our targets are students, workers and families, they are usually connected to some form of social networking online. Therefore, we decided to communicate through Twitter, Facebook and to post pictures on Instagram and Pinterest. For the grand opening of the store, personnel will be dressed in traditional costumes according the country they represent. During the opening, MARC & PAUL will offer special products and organize free tastings! As we said before, it is very important for us to retain our customers, and for that we plan to create a loyalty card to give them discounts. We could gather information and customize our offers, for example for the anniversary date of our customers we will offer them a cake. Finally, we think it is very important to establish partnerships and create different events inside and outside the store to promote our concept. An example of event can be an exploration contest in Lyon to win a free breakfast.


    Our financing requirement

    To start our activity we will need important investments. The financing requirement will represent 6 months of charges plus the tangible assets. The tangibles assets represent all the machines and the furniture (refrigerated storage, cooktop, chairs, tables and so on…) for a total amount of 34,000 euros. For the 6 months of charges we divide all the costs linked to both the activities (retail and restaurant) by 2, for a total amount of 92,000 euros. So we need 34,000 plus 92,000 meaning 126,000 euros to start the business. To face it we will have 2 different sources: a personal contribution, each member of the team will participate by giving 7,500 for a total of 46,000 euros; we should make a loan in the name of the company with an amount of 80,000 euros.


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