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    It is commonly acknowledged that there are seven types of arts: architecture, design, painting, music, dance, literature and photography. We believe there is an eighth art, the art of cooking. We are proud to introduce our company “OCtava”, a place where the art of cooking can be mastered.

    OCtava is the place where all the art of cooking take place in one space. OCtava provides private rental kitchen where you can enjoy cooking and party hosting with your friends. OCtava also provides cooking lessons where you can take and excel in the art of cooking. At the same time, looking for fresh or local cooking ingredients? OCtava offers the supermarket where you can find fresh and healthy food products and all the kitchen appliances you will need!

    OCtava values customer experience, that’s why OCtava is creating a space where consumers can shop, cook, and enjoy a good time with families and friends all at one space. In addition to store space for local and organic food products being placed on the ground floor, kitchens with different themes where the customers can take cooking classes or to cook on their own with friends are being offered on the second floor. OCtava fulfilled people’s desired of great shopping experience, tasty food, and most important of all, great quality time with families and friends.


    We believe OCtava’s service provides the following characteristics benefits:


    • The JOY of cooking- People who love to cook or would like to learn the art of cooking, could simply enjoy the use of our kitchen to prepare their own meals, or attend cooking lessons.
    • QUALITY TIME with people you LOVE- OCtava provides a space where people can come and spend good quality time with their families and friends. They can host lunch/dinner parties or all sorts of events that require great meals!
    • The DREAM KITCHEN you have always wanted- OCtava is partners with major kitchen/home furnishing company, our in-store kitchen are beautifully designed and with top-tier quality. You can have access to a dream kitchen and high-end kitchen appliances with only paying a little premium.
    • Be HEARTY & be HEALTHY- OCtava wants people to live happy and stay healthy. OCtava carries local products and organic products. People can come to the store and enjoy a good time while being healthy eating healthy food.


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