Once Upon a Country

    • Università: EM Lyon Business School Lione
    • Docenti:

      Monica Grosso

    • Tutor:

      Monica Grosso

    • Studenti:

      Inam Ulhaq,
      Audrey Burg
      Audrey Schmitt
      Léa Schlegel
      Awais Jillani
      Yishi Chen
      Ornella Quendolo

    oneuponacountryStore Concept:

    The concept of our stores: “Once upon a Country…” is a much enhanced story-telling experience with the possibility for people to buy everything present in the store. What our retail stores do is to sell the culture of different countries, where culture being a catch-all term for food, clothing line, furniture, ornaments and interior decoration. Attention will be given by the retail store to include all the elements in the store to belong to the same culture so that the retail store brings in essence the entire cultural experience of one country.

    Selling Principle: Buy anything and everything you want from the store belonging to the culture that is being portrayed.

    Our typical store would be organized with different aspects of the culture around different corners to create an atmosphere where people can learn as much about the culture as possible. For example in the French outlet we can imagine a mini library where you can buy all the famous French books; specially books pertaining to history and culture, the shelves, the curtains while having French cakes with French cutlery that you could also buy.

    Umbrella Brand Strategy:

    “Once upon a Country…” will be follow an umbrella brand strategy. The brand will be developed initially in the first year of opening through three retail stores:

    1. Once Upon a Country…France
    2. Once Upon a Country…Japan
    3. Once Upon a Country…Pakistan


    • Furniture
    • Clothes
    • Food
    • Decoration
    • Jewelry
    • Music
    • Library and movies

    Multi-Channel Approach:

    As a new store, “Once upon a Country…” aims to increase its sales and availability through various channels. These channels include:

    1. Store Offerings
    2. Delivery Services
    3. Online Sales
    4. Mobile Application


    There are currently no existing direct competitors, however a lot of Indirect competitors. So our competitive landscape would although include a lot of competitors when it comes to the products that we are selling, yet none of them would sell what we would excel at : SELLING EXPERIENCE OF THE CULTURE.

    Customer Value Proposition:

    • An exceptional cultural experience: It represents a new way of discovering a country through different typical aspects of its culture: furniture, food, clothes, music etc. You are not just buying an elegant piece of furniture; it is a reminiscence of how the Great Mughal emperors of Indian Empire used to have couches in their palace in the 16th Century.
    • Easy access to unique products: Imagine that you are sitting in a Louis XV armchair found at an antiquary in Orléans while eating Isigny’s salted butter directly coming from Normandie.
    • Huge diversity of items: Each season will bring about new collections, new history and new experiences. It enables our consumers to have a regular total replenishment of items and go through a complete new experience each time they visit our store. Wide range of items also means wide range of prices: our offer suits every budget.
    • Cherishing impulsivity: We want our clients to have a wonderful experience in our store. They will come without any previous intent to make purchases (except for food) BUT we offer them this possibility. Our concept is all about: “You like it? You take it!” And this makes us unique.


    Location Decision: For region, we chose Paris, because of it being the hub of commercial activity in France, having a higher per capita income compared to the rest of France, being the most populated area and due to the large influx of tourists that it so regularly welcomes.

    Target Market:

    • Total Population (Including Suburbs): The target population includes the population of Paris and its suburbs; that usually come to Paris for shopping, amounting to 10.5 Million. This is the total population target that will be subject to further filters of social class and lifestyle. However, this does not include the tourists that we home to Paris annually, which form a very prime target market for us, especially for our: “Once upon a Country…France” retail store.
    • Social class – In terms of the social class of our target population, we are generally targeting a population that descriptively has an active social life, is culturally aware, has a need for recognition and admiration that can be fulfilled through brands like “Once Upon a Country…” Moreover, these people belong to the middle, upper middle and upper segment of the society that can afford spending money on dining out, decorating their homes and admiring art and culture. If we categorize these people in the European Union’s Socio-Economic Classification project, these people would generally fall in ESeC 1, 2, 3 and 4.
    • In terms of the buying habits, we will be targeting both the recreational and functional shoppers. Recreational shoppers will be attracted to our product offering because of the rich experience, story-like flow and antiquarian furnishings. While the functional shoppers will be attracted through the concept of “Buy anything you like”, cherishing impulsivity.

    Media Campaign:

    To roll out an idea, as unique and intriguing as this, a comprehensive media campaign has to be designed so that the customers can be engaged on various touch-points.

    • Digital MediaàWebsite, Blogs, Facebook, Twitter
    • Above the line àMagazines & Editorials
    • Below the Line àPersonal Invites & Catalogue Publishing
    • Public Relation agencies: These agencies would mainly be brought on board to promote the cultural events that would frequently be arranged on the retail stores.

    Lastly, customer retention would be ensured through sense simulations such as: enhanced storytelling, regular features of historical facts, cultural events and souvenirs from each country.

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