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    Nowadays, an increasing number of people suffers from food intolerance, a detrimental disease that often turns out to be also socially disabling. The food retailer Régal restitutes the pleasure of eating together, by providing high-quality gluten- and lactose - free products as well as organic food in a joyful atmosphere. Indeed, its innovative concept consists in a physical store where the assortment is arranged by recipes, in order to provide the shoppers with creative cooking ideas, while facilitating their buying process. Moreover, the recipe organization enhances the shopping experience and renders the store appealing also to people not affected by food intolerance, but still interested in a healthy and low-gluten lifestyle. Régal is ultimately a new way of conceiving wholesome food, where the top priority is given to delight and amusement.
    The trendy element plays a key role in Régal’s concept. As a matter of fact, the gluten-free diet has taken off as a veritable fashion trend in several Western countries. Among them, a substantial growth can be registered in France, where being in good form represents a main worry. Hence the Régal store is situated in the most fashionable area of Paris, namely “Le Marais”, at the crossroad between the 3rd and the 4th district. The quartier stands out for its glamorous shops, its galleries and museums and its innovative and elegant ambiance, which is perfectly aligned with Régal experience.
    But “Le Marais” is also characterized by a high concentration of sports federation members, which evidences the great interest of its inhabitants towards an athletic and healthy lifestyle. For this reason, the assortment of Régal does not conceive only gluten-free products, but also organic food, which better responds to the necessity of a nourishing and flavorsome diet. After all, food trends could come and go, but Régal knows that healthy food is always a good bet.
    Nonetheless, Régal is also a down-to-earth retailer which aims to fulfill the needs of modern, busy shoppers. Since saving time should not mean renouncing to a good meal, it gives to its customers the possibility to pick a pre-packed collection of ingredients, in order to easily recreate one of the several recipes of its offer. All the products are contained in recycled cardboard boxes with ergonomic handles, environmental friendly and easy to carry.
    With the purpose of providing its shoppers with a huge variety of high quality gluten- and lactose-free products, Régal offers both national brands and a private label offers. The commitment of the company in the private label sector is generated from the willingness to better satisfy its customers, through the collaboration with selected partners. Beside this main assortment, Régal proposes also a wide choice of organic food, coming from the neighbouring farms.
    All the variety is easily accessible thanks to a double display: the private labels are shown in the different recipes areas arranged by theme, with a special zone for the fresh products; the national brands are instead available in normal shelves.

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