Italy for Export

Eataly comes to New York
Dei Frescobaldi Restaurant&Wine, the pride of Harrods
Peck: the Italian fine food takes on the Far East

Private label

Stores’ own brands: an opportunity to promote Italian products

Export-oriented markets

Italian charcuterie sails through the recession
2009: a record year for cheese
Pasta: Italy’s most iconic foodstuff takes a new, trendier turn Oil and vinegar: green gold is going great guns
Fresh fruit and vegetables: international competition favours variety and commercial innovation
Fruit&veg preserved: tomato, growing in popularity and keeping us heathy

Seafood preserved: tuna leads the way, with a shoal of anchoves close behind
Confectionery have the right agent to raise exports
Coffee: espresso and beyond. New rituals for all to enjoy
Beer Italian beer in all its glorious, thirst-quenching variety Wine: quality and biodiversity, the mainstays of exports

The American context

Mozzarella is still the number one Italian cheese in the States Italian wines still reign in Usa


Plenty of attention to detail when the store "dressed" Italian


Raw ham, a flavoursome food that comes in so many varieties Spumante: exploring the world of Italian bubbly
Italian fairs: events not to be missed

The Company Profiles


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